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Pico-8 Game Jam thing  Updated to a working prototypel

A dude, a dream...
 A homemade rocket built with spare parts.
  I am going to the moon!

 Blast off in a rocket destined for outer space. Collect fuel cells to stay above, and avoid asteroids. How high can you go?
 Right now there's no end goal except elevation as a high score, however creating that ending on the moon is an eventual goal.
I also intend to add a couple more obstacles and powerups.

Install instructions

It's a pico-8 game. The .p8.png file is the cartridge.  and the .p8 file is the sourcecode.

I also included an html5 export of the game. It should run on your browser.


ImGoingtotheMoon_A2.zip 442 kB

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